Sleep Disorder Symptoms

Very Loud Snoring 

Having been a snorer ever since I can remember and made fun of for years, I never thought of my snoring as a problem, it was something I did. I have family members who snore and the running joke is my husband had nightly concerts he attended, voluntarily for years. So when he started complaining I was getting louder, I should have thought at the time to see a doctor, but nope I ignored this warning sign, for the longest time.  

Tired All the Time  

All the interruptions in my sleep led to a very significant amount of time lost in the quality of my sleep. I was tossing and turning all night. I would wake up constantly. I later learned  that what was happening was I would stop breathing in my sleep and my body was alerting me to say “hey wake up, BREATHE”. If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, don’t have any energy and need to take frequent naps or can’t concentrate something is wrong and it’s time to see a doctor, warning sign number two that I ignored.


Headaches, especially after waking up. With all that lack of energy during the day and symptoms of headaches, I didn’t make the connection between the two until I saw a doctor. What I learned is that I was getting these headaches because I stopped breathing too frequently at night and less oxygen was making it to my brain. It does all this funky stuff to your blood vessels.  Warning sign number three that I ignored.

Being overweight 

I have never been the skinny girl, and after having kids losing the baby weight never happened. My love for food, overeating, and love for no exercise was very apparent in my lifestyle. Growing up you learned not to question the food on the plate and make sure you ate it all if you planned on getting up from the dining room table.

Exercise I knew was important but I always made the excuse that I didn’t have time, plus I was always tired. My habits, thinking and approach to food is changing. I remind myself obesity happens one pound at a time, so does prevention, one pound at a time. I’ll get there slowly, I didn’t gain it overnight. Warning sign number four, ignored, for years!

(*Apologies to family and friends who told me for years to work on my weight, easier said than done but working on it finally).

Pissy Moods, Hormonal, Emotional & Depressed  

With a flip of a switch, I could cry, laugh and swear all in the same sentence. I would blow up at the dumbest things and my day would be ruined . Everything irritated me, god forbid if I could hear the person next to me chewing on  their food.  Or my worst one, hearing someone chew when talking on the phone, I would flip. How rude! Weekends would come and I would not want to get out of bed, windows drawn and not leaving the house using the cold northeast winter as the legitimate excuse.  Warning sign number five, but did I listen nope it was all in my head remember, I was too busy being supermom.