Grateful & Thankful

First off I am thankful to both my parents for giving me life and putting me on this earth. I’m thankful for the opportunities this life has provided me and continues to provide for me and my family. Grateful that I met and married my soulmate, father to my children and a great man that through it all good, bad, sickness and health is always by my side. Grateful to be a mom to two amazing children who are my joy and happiness in this life. At 37 I am grateful for all of my life, for where I am today, the experiences had,  to be married, a wife,  a mom, daughter, sister,  aunt, niece, cousin, friend, colleagues an acquaintance.  I am grateful for my life and to be getting back on my feet literally from what has been some hard times.


One Breathe at a Time & One Step at a Time

If there is anything my health setback has taught me is that life is too precious for me to not be taking care of the body I have.  Whizzing through the day, always on the go, is not really healthy, sleep is more important than many of us realize. Like the saying goes, I need to stop and smell the roses, appreciate the simpler things, enjoy each process of our moments.  I NEED TO BREATHE FOR REAL!   Before my sleep apnea diagnosis and fall down the stairs I was a go, go, go. No care in the world, multi-tasking was the name of the game, not anymore. It’s okay for me to just take it one breath at a time, one step at a time literally. Focus for a jam session and examine the details, (as is everything else in life) and I have to remind myself that bouncing back from rock bottom is also a process, that the fact is my mind is healthier than my body and I am not yet matched to where I want to be. I have two permanent changes that I now need to live with, work on and make my new normal, I am working on myself, improving myself, learning to let go of all this emotion stirring inside me.

Speaking My Truth

I want to not be afraid so much of hurt other people’s feelings more than my own by not speaking my truth. This has held me back in more ways than I realized for many years,  I need to learn to let go. I need to let go of all the proper, the rules and speak what is my truth, my thoughts and not worry too much about hurting other’s people’s feelings. I am who I am, have a good head on my shoulders (or so I have been told) and see things in a certain point of view. I have faith, I will get far in life, whatever “far” means.  Holding me back is the fear of my own bullshit and I promise in this year that will change.


Accept Me Completely

No matter where I go from here it’s certain  I need to work on accepting myself completely, from my new style of walking, the changes in my body as I lose weight, to accepting the grays and wrinkle lines appearing on my face. This is the 37 years of me now and I need to feel good about how I look inside and out accepting all of me. I want to have more days of having fun, than days of worry and tears.

Put Dreams to Paper

Always be a dreamer, this family is, and I come from a family of dreamers. I am inspired by the examples in my family like my father, his mother, my maternal grandmother, and others that have shown me that with hard work you can make anything happen.  This blog was a dream 12 years ago and our only regret is having taken so long to get started on our blogging journey. We want to always be inspired and creative and encourage our children that you really can make something from nothing if you work hard for it.  Always be learning, curious and eager.





   My Birthday Wishes

Let that shit Go!

Work on Circle of Influence not the Circle of Concern.

Accept that this is a new me, a different me, but it’s still me.

Be Happy