World Tourism Day

Established by the UNWTO, World Tourism day is meant to bring awareness to the importance of the tourism industry and its impact that it has in our world.  It is celebrated every year on September 27th.  This day is very special in our home for many reasons here are our top three.


#1 Born & Bread with the Spirit Of Hospitality

Both adults in this household can recall the moments when we were younger than our parents taught us what  “turista”  means; translating to the word tourist in English. Growing up you learn that the tourist comes to visit and have a good time.   As a host, it is the job is to always make sure that the tourist has the best time so that when they go back home they tell their friends and family to come back again, that’s the ultimate, compliment.   When you come from a small island at least for us, and our family, we happily gloat that we live and breathe the spirit of hospitality.  We celebrate because it’s part of us. Happy World Tourism Day!


What is the  Spirit of Hospitality?

Hospitality, meaning the positive vibes, that welcome feeling and the wanting of providing exceptional service is something, that in our opinion, you either have “it” or you don’t. It’s kind of like a natural talent and in this case, its whether or not you have the bug or the nack to go above and beyond in delivering the best quality of guest/customer service of the experience being had. This experience can be anything.  In its simplest sense of the word, it is always being aware of seeing things from the guest perspective and making sure you’re delivering the best quality of service all the time, no matter what you’re providing.  Having been born and bread with a great respect for the hospitality industry, it wasn’t until we left home that we saw that not all hospitality related businesses have this mindset and are definitely not created equal. Because of that fact, we now can’t help our selves but critique many of the experiences we have.  We will be sharing these with you in the months to come.  Shameless plug, sign up for our emails at the bottom of the page.


# 2 We are all part of this Industry – Celebrate It

No matter where you live or who you are, we all are part of and contribute either directly or indirectly every day to this industry.   Tourism brings the positive economic benefit that creates jobs ranging from large corporations to the small business owners.  In the US alone travel and tourism, directly contributed to 2.3 trillion U.S dollars to the economy.  It created 109 million jobs worldwide, when you think about 1 in every 10 jobs is related to this industry.


# 3 Count Your Blessings & Be Grateful Everyday for what we have

Take some time out today to really appreciate mother earth and respect climate change. These are main factors that can massively affect tourism negatively anywhere in the world. We have seen this recently with hurricanes that affected the Carribean and Earthquakes in Mexico. Health warnings also have hugely impacted different areas globally and directly impact the tourism industry.  Becuase of the intertwined sectors that form tourism a negative devastation affects many families when an area is impacted. Can’t leave out that terrorist attacks around the world have travelers concerned for their safety and also impact tourism. Take time out today to appreciate all you have.  To help countries and families affected by hurricane Irma and Maria to rebuild and recover click here at this link