Aruba Beach Vacation Anyone?

There are so many beaches and small beach coves to visit while on vacation in Aruba this list doesn’t even begin to cover it. These are some of our favorite places we miss the most and that we grew up on as our playground.  No matter what beach you choose make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and shade to hide from the sun and a lot of water to stay hydrated!  Do not underestimate the power of our hot sun. It will get to you especially between the hottest times of the day 11:00 a.m & 2:30 p.m time frame.  It creeps up on you and won’t feel the heat set on right away because of the constant breeze. Cover up and reapply the good stuff all day. Oh and don’t forget the camera!

TIP: Plenty of Sunblock & Water when Beaching in Aruba

 Baby Beach & Rodgers Beach

It is very easy to drive around this tiny island and we encourage you to visit the opposite of the traditional busy hotel area. Drive along seaside towns like the first capital of Aruba Savaneta and you’ll reach the heart of Sunrise city, San Nicolas. Continue on through until you reach the red anchor and head out to Sero Colorado. Here, you will find a little crescent-shaped beach protected from the rough seas by a barrier reef making its waters clear and calm. Known as Baby Beach is perfect for kids splashing around, adults looking to float the stress away. You can smell the saltiness in the air stronger here than at other beaches due to the wind blowing across the shore.

Rodgers Beach, next to Baby Beach is also a little gem of a beach.  It’s also the beach we choose for our son to take his first dip when he was only 4 weeks old! It’s a beach that has special memories on our hearts.  For Ayerim growing up and attending the nearby school this was the beach that many field days, swimming lessons and after-school afternoons were spent with childhood friends. For Harish, likewise childhood memories and later growing up fond memories of training on these beaches while in the Marines. While some dislike the view of the refinery in the distant background, it’s a reminder of our history and the role this area had to the economic development of the island.

Nicky Beach – Know to Locals as “Strand” Beach

The word “Strand” is the Dutch word for “the beach” and growing up this small beach located close to the airport and on the main boulevard is a favorite for locals.  It’s also a favorite for visitors as many use this as their “last stop for a quick dip” before hopping back on a plane. This is the beach where you would meet all the neighbors, family and relatives on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon who would come to the beach to relax ahead of a busy work week. Hiding in the shades of the mangroves from the sun and swim in the shallow waters it’s calm and soothing and moderately crowded. Today this beach has become the backdrop of one of the longest linear parks in the Caribbean.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach, stretches of white sand cool to the touch, and miles to walk along the shore, is just a few of the reasons this beach appears on worldwide accolades, not only is it our favorite but many others seem to love this beach, very famous for beach activities like beach tennis event and beach volley and more. There is room for everyone on this beach and our famous Fofoti tree is also located here. Bring a camera and capture all the beauty.  Brag moment: This beach was voted on by millions of Tripadvisor travelers to make the list of top 10 beaches as of the world! 

Tip: Perfect Beach Vacation Spot if visiting by Cruise Ship 

Boca Catalina Bay

Boca Catalina, while some say this area is a little rocky, don’t let that stop you from getting into the water here, swim out in between the rocky coves along the shore. There are tropical fish to see here so don’t forget the snorkel! It’s also a very known spot for the catamaran sailboats and other boats to come and hang you may just catch some tourist doing the crazy rope swing into the water or simply cruising our shores.  When our children were babies and toddlers we would spend many mornings hidden in one of the coves playing with the kids.

Fisherman Huts & Malmok Beach

The coastline past the last large hotel along Palm Beach, but before you reach Boca Catalina is known as Fishermans Hut and down the stretch, a bit long the row of pretty homes is Malmok Beach. Windsurfers, Kiteboarders, and snorkelers love the waters here, nice and shallow, offshore winds. Conditions are so perfect for the sport we have a yearly windsurfing and kitesurfing competition, which brings many athletes from all across the world here it’s called Hi Winds in the summer that is great fun and spectacle to watch. Tip: Visit our friends at Aruba Kitesurfing School and learn how easy it is to learn how to kiteboard. This is the perfect location due to onshore winds and shallow waters.

Palm Beach

This beach is well known as the high-rise hotel beach area as high-rise resorts line up the two miles along the white sand. This action-packed beach has watersports operators ready to take you out sailing and snorkeling or up in the sky parasailing on its calm ocean waters or lay and bask in the sun on a lounge chair with a cocktail. As the sun begins to set drop in at any of the happening piers and you’re likely to hit a happy hour with live music.

Tip: This is a great walking area to explore.


This is just the first of many of our beach posts, more to come soon!