Disclaimer Statment

This is a personal family blog. All opinions expressed here is that of Hamak Vibes and not those of anyone else. This is Hamak Vibe’s created content and family project and not anyone else’s. Any group, organization, school, employer, church or any entity we may be associated with would not be responsible for anything we do on our blog either. This is all about what Hamak Vibes wants to talk about or write about and nobody else. This is our family vibe in a blog.


Were human and have our own opinions. Sometimes we make a mistake or say something stupid. Chances are we will probably do a bit of both at some point on our blog but we do our best to avoid it.  We are human any mistakes are our own. We also change our minds, opinions, and thoughts on subjects fairly quickly.  Post on this site is intended to give a glimpse into our life that is ever changing so keep up. We could post one opinion today and something totally different tomorrow, that’s what great having our own blog. It’s ever changing as we change, learn and grow. This blog comes from our creativity which is subject to change at any moment.

We do our best to make sure any information we share is accurate including any links that we make use but we can not guarantee that all information posted one day will be available another day or completely accurate into the future, just wanting to let you know we do the best we can with the information we have, when we have it.


English is not our first language and we have bad grammar, make spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and or use slang or curse on our blog. If for some reason this offends you or hurts your feelings that is not our intent and we do our best to not knowingly injure, defame or libel with our words on our blog. We will not be held accountable if we offend you please leave our site if our blog writing does that in any way.

One of the main things that make Hamak Vibes blog different than a regular website is that we allow commenting on our posts. Feel free to disagree with anything we have to say just keep it respectful and polite. If our feelings get hurt we have the right to delete any comment for any reason we see fit like profanity, spam, and just crazy talk, we won’t take it. We are also not responsible for any comments from other people on our blog and we are not responsible for any laws that may be broken in any country through the content of blog comments or implication of comments on blog comments. The reason for our comment section is we want to hear from you in a positive vibe and honestly we love to read what you think of our posts.


We are not doctors, lawyers, therapists, chef’s, teachers, or trained experts so do not take what we write as fact but rather our opinion. We will not compensate you for not using common sense if in any way you try anything we share on our blog. We will not compensate any damage or loss or any inconvenience because something we wrote on our blog. We do not intend to hurt anyone with our blog and will not be held responsible for stupid actions of others.


Finally making our blog a reality is a dream come true and we have worked hard to make this happen. We will continue to make our best effort in making our blog a success. With all dreams, it has some hard & hidden costs. In order for us to pay for our domain, pay to host and pay for an array of other fun features you that improve your experience on our site we make money on our blog. Anything we review with you is something we absolutely must love but we want to be upfront that we may at some point get paid for sponsored posts, use affiliate links and or make money with our blog to cover our expenses. We needed a fun creative solution to pay for our fun family project and want to make sure you know that we may make a small income from our blog in order to keep a good thing going.

You can always send us an email at hello@hamakvibes if you have questions on our disclaimer above.


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