Road Trip

Atlantic City   New Jersey

When you first hear the name Atlantic City a fun family outing isn’t the first thought on your mind.  Maybe an adult weekend hitting the casino is more what you envision, well not for us, in fact, we didn’t step foot inside a Casino.  Our motivation for this trip was to visit the famous Boardwalk of Atlantic City, see and smell the Atlantic Ocean, and wander freely and explore the shops and enjoy the warm weather. This is a quick story.

Our Boardwalk Experience

Our trip out to Atlantic City NJ  was our first “boardwalk” experience in America, and our first treck out to see the Atlantic Ocean. We learned that this was the first constructed “boardwalks” in America back in the 1870’s originally meant to keep the sand off the guests while they walked to the beach.  For us being from an island, we think this is funny.  The wealthy peeps way back then didn’t like the feeling of sand,  so a boardwalk walkway was built so guest could go over the sand from the hotel down to the beach area. Spanning first around 30 feet. Originally the boardwalk walkway was built over the sand during the summer and then taken down during the winter. We also learned this boardwalk has been replaced numerous times due to hurricane damage the last being Hurricane Sandy.

Atlantic City Beaches

There are a total of 9 beaches in Atlantic City that line up the coastline.  Overall would rate this a clean safe beach experience, only thing there are alot of people and crowded. While we didn’t go into the water you can see that their are alot of strong currents and the lifeguards are kepts busy. We will have to go back to provide a beach day review 🙂


The best part of our day was exploring the board game Monopoly on the Atlantic City streets. Atlantic City became the inspiration for the game inventor Charles Darrow because of the memories that he had of vacations spent in Atlantic city growing up. The city today has landmarks and plaques all over dedicated to the inventor of the game. It was an interesting afternoon learning about the game, real estate and trademarks and patents and the controversy that once was of this Monopoly. We got some great photos!