About Us

We are a husband and wife team, parents of two teenagers from the island of Aruba.  Over the course of our marriage, and more so now that we moved away from home, we have always wanted to start a family blog. Finally, we made our blog a reality, this is our space where we can document and share our experiences, share our thoughts and views on topics we’re passionate about and more importantly keep in touch with family and friends across the globe. We will blog about any topic that gets brought up around the dinner table and those that affect our life, topics in the news, questions we get from our kids, friends, family, nothing is off limits

With over twenty years combined experience in the hospitality and tourism industries for both Harish and Ayerim, you can bet there will be some talk about travel, tourism, hospitality, customer service and pretty much anything related to this topic. Born and bread with this mindset of the spirit of hospitality It’s a bit of a habit in our family to both positively and negatively critique any of our experiences.  

We have now also now been parents for a decade (yikes!) and as we head into the teenage era, we will be sure to talk about raising our kids in this digital world. It’s very different than when our parents raised us we have a few thoughts that serve as conversation starters.

Health and wellness is a topic everywhere and here certainly we will be chatting up a storm on our blog considering  It has been a rollercoaster of a year for Ayerim on this topic. She was diagnosed with OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) and shortly thereafter had an accident falling down the stairs that required reconstruction surgery of her ankle.  Getting back on her feet has literally been one step and one night at a time. She journals her experiences as she works on her healthy vibes determined to get back to a more active lifestyle.

So by now, you may be asking yourself, this family still hasn’t told me where and what is Hamak Vibes?  Well, we guess that every family at some point has probably tried to come up with a nickname, this is ours.   H, – dad,  A – mom, M – our last name,  A, – teenage son, K – teenage daughter.  Every letter represents a person in the family, it has a funky ring to it, unique just like each of us are individually and together were HAMAK vibes.

Our family vibe is Hamak Vibes







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