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 Our Journey Starts by Looking in the Mirror

Learning about Buddhism

There comes a point in life that a lot of shit either happens all at once or nothing happens for a really long time; and as humans, we begin to question our entire life and our purpose when we get feeling in a rut.  For us, our family, when these feelings were happening in our life a fairly unknown acquaintance (whom today is a great friend) sent us a book to read, called Buddha in Your Mirror: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self by Woody Hochswender.  While the book is based on practical Buddhism beliefs, we strongly encourage everyone to read as it opens up perspective to the notion that happiness is found within oneself and that we all have the potential for true lasting happiness “to find our inner Buddha”. It opened us up to the Lotus Sutra, Philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and so much more, bits and pieces that we have now adapted to our lifestyle. Not only do we recommend reading this book, its one of those have the whole family read and have healthy discussions on topics that it speaks to and decide what you may want to apply to your daily life.  This book is a great introduction to Nichiren Buddhism.

Yoga has the power to Transform

January 9th, 2017 after having watched, read and studied for months the different branches of Yoga, Chakras, and energy (reiki) the day had come that we sat on a yoga mat.  With no real prior plan, turned to  Youtube and search for Yoga Fundamentals. Online is where met the first person who got our family to fall in love with yoga in the privacy of our own living room, Yoga with Adriene Stiff As a board but with the determination to just try yoga and see what happens, our families transformation had started.  It’s been an everyday habit since, and while our bodies are changing and poses become stronger it’s doing things that you cant see or explain, its awareness of oneself. Learning to listen to your body, flow find and balance.  With so much shit going in daily life, yoga has become the one and only “me time”  for each one of us and for finding what feels good. An expression that first got us hooked onto what Adrienne was teaching, meaning at the beginning do not worry so much about the poses, just do your best and modify if you must, but the key is to first just find what feels good. Later we learned this is her whole motto, a match made in yoga heaven. We didn’t need any fancy equipment to get started just a yoga mat. . The one we use we got off Amazon and like that their extra thick and easier on the knees. We also did get a set of blocks. 

1) Your Body is Your Temple –

Yoga & Ayurveda

The first thing you learn about yoga is that this Vedic tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda are interrelated branches of yogic philosophies, one does not exist without the other. Yoga refers to asanas or poses, the physical exercise body, and mind.  Ayurveda is the healthcare side of yoga, to find balance, detox and address the imbalance within our bodies. Once we can understand these basics can we apply daily yogic self-care practices. Ayurveda translated to the Sanskrit meaning “Knowledge of LIfe” meaning to keep the body and mind in balanced health. We will remain healthy if we keep in balance and our lifestyle choices all have the potential to create imbalances in our bodies. Diet, Nutrition, Fitness, Relationships, Love, Emotions are all parts of our lifestyles that can affect us and make us more susceptible to disease.

2) Nothing Is Forever, Focus on the Present

In the hardships of life, and when stuck in our daily ruts we all as humans tend to forget that nothing last forever. Yoga is teaching the awareness of the fact that life is full of uncomfortable moments, all meant to grow us into the authentic person were meant to be. Learn to literally breathe through uncomfortableness and be grateful of the teachings within the experience. The same is said for a joyous moment, don’t take yourself too seriously and remember that every action has a reaction, its a choice on if you want that to be in a positive or negative space.

3) Go with the Flow

Really, don’t stress over things that are out of your control and go with the flow. Sometimes the best experiences turn out to be the unplanned moments. In life, we will have some gains and some losses and some time failure is good as it teches us to focus on what is turly nessaisry in order to grow in life.  When we go with the flow in yoga it teaches you to trust, your mind and body and to focus on the achievement at hand the asana  You can connect both your body and mind at the same time when you breathe through a pose but to do that you need to flow.

4) Improves Emotional Balance

Yoga Teaches you to let go of Stress and Depression

It’s not just a cliche thing to say that yoga brings inner peace, but it really does make you feel calmer and more at east. By having a daily habit that allows you to think and take control of your thoughts teaches you to let go of any superficial stressors. When a person is feeling down or depressed and not able to enjoy simple moments, Yoga helps in teaching you to control your thoughts, and when that onset of sadness or grief, or whatever it is that emotionally is upsetting in the moment, we encourage you to hop on your mat and focus and allow yourself to become aware of your feelings to evoke calmness, allow the intent of positive vibes and bring inner peace of body mind and soul.

5) Yoga Teaches How To Make Better Decisions

If there is anything you take away from yoga, do not let it be the ability to have achieved the perfect pose but rather the ability to become aware of oneself, be mindful and be deliberate with your intent.  These three teaches allow for the ability if make better decisions that affects all areas of our life.

6) Awareness, Acceptance, and Letting Go

Yoga teaches to be fully aware of positive and negative behaviors around us daily. Be aware of how these either bring happiness or sadness in your life. You can choose what energies to accept or not that will help you become your true authentic self.  Lastly, let go of those energies that don’t serve your purpose and are not truthful for what you stand and believe in. Be happy in just being who you are.


7)  When all else fails to remember to BREATHE




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