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Hamak Vibes, a Family Blog

 Here we write about & share our point of view on topics that we are passionate about, our experiences/reviews & topics of interest.  

All views expressed are our own.


3 Reasons Our Family Celebrates World Tourism Day

Instagram Twitter Pinterest  World Tourism Day Established by the UNWTO, World Tourism...

Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea

Facing Reality It took me a very long time to actually get the courage to publish this...

6 Must Visit Beaches on Your Next Aruba Vacation

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Aruba Beach Vacation Anyone? There are so many...

7 Ways Our Family Transformed with Yoga + Buddhism

Instagram Pinterest Twitter Facebook This blog post contains affiliate links. For our...

Thoughts & Reflection on my 37th Birthday

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Grateful & Thankful First off I am thankful to...

Visiting the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey

Atlantic City   New Jersey When you first hear the name Atlantic City a fun family outing isn't...

Our story starts in Aruba, our island home

Facebook Instagram Pinterest We Call Aruba Home In the crystal blue waters of the...

5 Warning Signs You Might Have a Sleep Disorder

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Sleep Disorder Symptoms Very Loud Snoring  Having been a...

No More Excuses Supermom, Time to See a Doctor

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter  Wake Up Call Supermom It felt like the worst day of my life...

Start Taking Responsibility for Not Taking Care of Myself

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Reality Check Over Analyzing Starts - What's wrong with me?...

Meet the Parents




To pronounce my name try HA/Ri/iSCH, to make things easy you can call me H

Born and raised on the island of Aruba,  my love of nature, fishing and anything outdoors can be attributed to growing up under the hot Carribean sun. Recently celebrated sixteen years of marriage to my best friend and on an amazing journey raising life’s greatest blessings, our two kids. 24/7 stay at home dad aka, chauffer, chef, disciplinarian, cleaning service provider, friend and confident. Dad blogger, soon to be vlogger (watch out youtube!) sharing my love for all things old, antique with a brand new second-hand vibe. Woke up one day and said it’s gonna be all about #mybeardvibe.  Blogging soon to be vlogging sharing our family adventure.


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To pronounce my name try I/ ER/ REEM, to make things easy you can call me Ayri.

Happily married to the love of my life and the best husband in the world. I am a working mom, grinding the 9-5 for my island home, raising two amazing teens. Loving every minute, if only we could slow down time, how they grow so fast! Working on improving my healthy vibes by losing weight, building a stronger body & living with sleep apnea.  Self-proclaimed nerd always learning, reading, digging into my special interest of the moment.  When not in a book or writing you can find me outdoors in the garden, on a hike or planning our next family vacation. This blog is for building a community of old and new friends and sharing our family adventures.


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Meet the Most Spoiled Member of the Family



Family Pet

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