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Thoughts & Reflection on my 37th Birthday

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Grateful & Thankful First off I am thankful to both my parents for giving me life and putting me on this earth. I'm thankful for the opportunities this life has provided me and continues to provide for me and my...

7 Ways Our Family Transformed with Yoga + Buddhism

Instagram Pinterest Twitter Facebook This blog post contains affiliate links. For our complete disclaimer click here  Our Journey Starts by Looking in the Mirror Learning about Buddhism There comes a point in life that a lot of shit either happens all at...

3 Reasons Our Family Celebrates World Tourism Day

Instagram Twitter Pinterest  World Tourism Day Established by the UNWTO, World Tourism day is meant to bring awareness to the importance of the tourism industry and its impact that it has in our world.  It is celebrated every year on September 27th.  This...

6 Must Visit Beaches on Your Next Aruba Vacation

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Aruba Beach Vacation Anyone? There are so many beaches and small beach coves to visit while on vacation in Aruba this list doesn't even begin to cover it. These are some of our favorite places we miss the most and...

Diagnosed with Sleep Apnea

Facing Reality It took me a very long time to actually get the courage to publish this post.  Not exactly sure why, as it’s been written for months but then I came to the one and only conclusion that makes sense to me.  It has taken these many months to...

Visiting the Atlantic City Boardwalk in New Jersey

Atlantic City   New Jersey When you first hear the name Atlantic City a fun family outing isn't the first thought on your mind.  Maybe an adult weekend hitting the casino is more what you envision, well not for us, in fact, we didn't step foot inside a Casino.  Our...

Our story starts in Aruba, our island home

Facebook Instagram Pinterest We Call Aruba Home In the crystal blue waters of the Southern Caribbean is this tiny island we call home known as Aruba. Many around the world know us for our beautiful beaches, warm and friendly people, amazing food, and...

5 Warning Signs You Might Have a Sleep Disorder

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Sleep Disorder Symptoms Very Loud Snoring  Having been a snorer ever since I can remember and made fun of for years, I never thought of my snoring as a problem, it was something I did. I have family members who snore and the...

No More Excuses Supermom, Time to See a Doctor

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter  Wake Up Call Supermom It felt like the worst day of my life January 8th, 2016 was one of the worst days ever for me, on how bad my body has ever felt,  and trust me, I will share some of my horror stories this was just the...

Start Taking Responsibility for Not Taking Care of Myself

Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter Reality Check Over Analyzing Starts - What's wrong with me? So what do I do after a shit day at the doctors, cry, and cry some more, and I felt like it was the end of the world, and this was without even getting the results. Like...

About HamakVibes

Hamak Vibes

This is our family vibe where we write about and share our point of view on topics that we are passionate about, our experiences/reviews and topics of interest that come up anywhere be it around the dinner table, in the car or randomly from thin air. Certainly conversation starters that end up very interesting at times. 


What does it mean to really be healthy? Well, we are learning it’s finding the balance between diet, exercise, and sleep. That’s the basics of it and none of us have it right, but the good thing is most of us realize and are aware to this, so we work at it, every day in our own way. On our health page, Hamak Vibes will document our family journey on all things health related for the mind, body, and spirit. In this section, you can also follow Ayerim’s journey, recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea she talks about her experiences in hopes of bringing awareness to this invisible disease.


Life is too short to not live it fully and to spend it all in one place is a little boring in our opinion. With a small island heart, we hope to travel the world collecting moments and memories as a family and share them with you, our family and friends.  We are always ready to discover new things and have a great experience.


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